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The Process…


I spend time on the phone with each new client
to get to know you and let you meet me and ask questions. I get the details of your situation and fill out an intake form on your case.

This time together includes an introduction to my approach, some education about this work, data collection and often counseling.

I will also do a Quick Remote Scan of the property, person or situation to determine what unseen issues will need to be addressed and will share with you what I see.

I spend 20 minutes to an hour with each client for this thorough and unhurried process.



At the end of the Intake Interview I will give you a Comprehensive Quote on the work we discussed.



I ask for Payment in Advance. 
This minimizes the time and attention I need to spend on financial arrangements.

I use PayPal and will send you a PayPal Invoice by email.
Clicking a link in the email takes you directly to a detailed inovice online and you can pay with most methods of payment. Couldn’t be easier.

The Invoice acts as a contract, confirmation and provides instructions for payment and for emailing photos. You will receive a receipt by email.

This system also keeps your financial information secure and, to meet the requirements of state law, it is never kept on my computers.

PayPal also offers PayPal Credit.
Like many big stores, they offer six-month financing at 0% Interest if you pay within that period. Details will be on the invoice page.

For further details go to our PAYMENT page.



Photos help me tune into you or your property.
They can be sent as email attachments or directly from your cell phone camera. I also use online satellite photos of your property.

For clearing people I ask for their full name, date of birth and a recent picture.



When I have your intake information, payment, photos and, if needed, I have downloaded satellite photos, I put your case package into the work queue.

I will then perform your clearing as soon as possible
My ability to work safely is affected by all kinds of things. If I am not grounded or in pain, which can be caused by things as subtle as solar flares, I wait for the right moment to do the work. Because of this, I cannot tell you exactly when the clearing will be done… but it is typically within days to a couple of weeks.

I will email you when the clearing has been done.
I do not tell you when I will do the work so that there is no placebo effect caused by your expectations.



In the past, I provided a comprehensive report of what I found and cleared.

Over time, I realized that many clients focused on and got upset about what what I had found before I did the clearing. This re-energizes the old issues and draws them back.

I will include anything you really need to know in the email telling you the clearing has been done, but I no longer provide the detailed laundry of what was found initially.



Many factors affect the outcomes of a clearing…
Sometimes things are obviously different and improve immediately. Sometimes things improve slowly and integrate over several months. Occasionally things will still seems stuck or stalled requiring follow up clearing or investigation of WHO is holding onto the property.

With this in mind, I ask you to report feedback to me about the situation each week.

I am happy to revisit situations several times for up to two months for cases involving property for sale. In some rare cases a person involved in the situation will need a full clearing to allow a property to sell.

On the other hand…
some things just unfold in ways unpredictable ways that are not the desired outcome. Timing may be affected by many factors.

In those situations there has always been a noticeable improvement in some way.

For example, during court cases or negotiations, our clients report that they felt stronger, clearer and better able to handle the outcomes even if it was not the one they envisioned.


All Our Work is Done Remotely

From my offices in Massachusetts, USA. I can access and clear people, property and situations anywhere on the planet.

I am presently working with clients in Australia, which is literally as far away as one can be from my location. (Well, Antarctica might be further away, but there is so little work there. I have actually worked supporting someone during an Arctic expedition.)

Working remotely has a lot of advantages for the client…

  • You do not have to pay me for travel time and expense
  • It is safer for me and for you. Some of the work I do is much more dangerous if done on site.
  • I can respond to your needs quickly no matter where you are.
  • I am here to clear the way for you. Working together we can do the unexpected.

Schedule a phone appt, HERE

Leave a VoiceMail at 866.4.FARKAS

Or send me an Email.

Emergency / Priority Service

Clients sometimes ask for their situation to be given priority.

This can be accommodated for a fee of $150. This moves your case to the top of the work queue.