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Are You Sensitive? Dr. Emil Faithe SEPT 15 on The Farkas Files

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Are You Sensitive?

Dr. Emil Faithe


Dr. Emil FaitheThis week’s guest, Dr. Emil Faithe, a medical medium, will help those of use who are sensitive in this toxic world.

Are you extra sensitive to foods, astrological shifts, environmental toxins, and energies of other people? Do you suffer from chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, hormonal imbalances, and everything in between? Do you feel alone in this world? You are an ultra-sensitive, and you’re not alone.

You are part of a large and diverse group of uniquely wired, highly energy sensitive, beings scattered all over the globe, and you require special care in this not-so-sensitive world.

We will discuss how to:

  • Properly nourish yourself and your sensitive organs and glands
  • Protect yourself from unwanted, negative energies
  • Manage your unique healthcare concerns 
  • Deal with challenging relationships
  • Survive and thrive on a not-so-sensitive planet


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