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Becoming One…with Luminous One SEPT 1 on The Farkas Files Copy

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Becoming One…

Luminous One


Luke One

I know little about this week’s guest, but his story is fascinating.

Luke, Luminous The Shining One, is an Illuminated Being, writer, poet, storyteller and American War Veteran.

He was born in the Ashanti Kingdom of Ghana. Separated from his mother at birth, raised by his great grandmother in a world that rejected him, Luke’s life has been an incredible adventure to finding his True Self.

He migrated to the US to be with his father on July 4th 2000 and went on to serve 11 years in the Army, Navy and the Marine Corps.

Shaken by events during the Iraq war, he began a quest deep into his past uncovering his destiny and purpose in life.

As a Navy Doc (Corpsman) he was trained to save the lives of Marines on and off the battlefield. In his book,  8404 Rivers of Babylon, he writes about life as a combat Doc and illuminates the legacy of Fleet Marine Forces Corpsmen. It is the story of how Luke was awakened to his calling, to Unite Humanity.




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