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Commercial and Industrial properties
include a wide range and varied of property types… each with its own issues.

Essentially, if you have just purchased the property, a clearing removes the issues of all the previous owners/tenants as well as historic and issues held in the land itself

If your business has been thriving and is now struggling in the new location a clearing often clears the issues associated with the new location

If you have recently renovated or changed the use of an historic property, it is not uncommon for strange events to occur including financial problems, technical issues, illness and equipment failure.

You bring in toxic waste specialists to mitigate asbestos, oil tanks and radon, this is just another form of more subtle toxicity.


Hotels and Public Buildings
which are profoundly affected by the energy of the huge number of personal and business dramas acted out literally within their walls.

If you have ever felt uneasy and unable to sleep in a hotel room or queasy in a hotel meeting room, it may not have been the people you were with or the event you are participating in that was affecting you.



Commercial Properties
Offices, Stores, Warehouses, Manufacturing, Farms, Hotels, Public Buildings, etc.  Please Call for Quote.

Free Bonus:

I am happy to check and rebalance the energy once a week for up to two months if there are issues that have not resolved AND you let us know what’s happening. This is especially true if the property is on the market for sale.