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December 2015

Remapping Your Mind | Dec 17 on The Farkas Files

Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD with Barbara Mainguy, MA

Remapping Your MindThe most important stories that you ever tell are the one’s you tell yourself. They create your experience based on who you say you are.

This week’s guests will show us how to retell those stories to remap you mind and change your life.

Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, Phd is a physician. Barbara Mainguy, MA is a psychotherapist. And, together they direct the Coyote Institute for Studies of Change and Transformation in Augusta, Maine.

Their book, Remapping the Mind, The Neuroscience of Self-Transformation Through Story is a guide to retelling your personal, family, and cultural stories to transform your life , your relationships, and the world, through neuroscience. A tall order. I’m ready… are you?

Neuroscience meets the story telling of indigenous cultures? I’m excited to find out what they have learned!

Join us!