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May 10 on The Farkas Files… Lauren Wilson, Teacher and Spiritual Healer

The Farkas Files,
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Lauren Wilson,

Holistic Practitioner, Teacher & Spiritual Healer

Lauren WilsonLauren Wilson is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Teacher and Spiritual Healer living in Denver, Colorado.

With over 20 years experience working with Alchemy and Psychic Healing, Lauren has come to specialize in Spiritual Integration Coaching, energetic and geopathic stress discernment, remote clearing as well as the compassionate release of earthbound, natal, and non-human attachments.

In other words, she does work a lot like David’s and this will be a fascinating conversation!

Lauren’s experiences as a paranormal investigator led her to a calling of raising awareness about how truly thin “The Veil” between the worlds really is. Lauren’s goal is to empower people to think beyond the perceptions of para-normal and realize that we live side by side with the unseen.

While no longer a paranormal investigator, many of Lauren’s clients have been involved with paranormal work and come to her for clearing and removal of spiritual and demonic attachments.

For more involved cases, Lauren works within a cooperative group known as Quietus LLC, combining the talents and unique skills of several individuals in the metaphysical wellness community. Quietus works on a global scale; employing a variety of modalities to facilitate remote healing, energetic threat assessment, private energetic protection services as well as clearing and support for Lightworker communities around the world.

As a Spiritual Integration Coach, Lauren works with newly “Awakened” people, as well as psychically gifted children. What she calls the “New Kids” are given support and often protection while they develop their skills.

 “People are starting to wake up to knowledge they may feel is brand new, but really… is just a process of memory. They need someone to listen, to help them assimilate what’s happening to them. That’s my job.”

Always looking for new ways to work with spiritual wellness and information, Lauren is currently working on her first novel for young adults, Mirror Mirror.

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