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I assist owners with the purchase or sale of Multi-Family and Apartment Buildings and also with improving the situation at your property.

Do you have the same kind of tenant issues over and over in your rental untis? New families with the same issues as the previous tenants?

That is no accident. Old dramas create a resonance that attracts people with similar issues, who then add their emotional energy to the drama… and so it goes.

Break the cycle. Have your properties cleared. You bring in toxic waste specialists to mitigate asbestos, oil tanks and radon, this is just another form of more subtle toxicity.



Multi-Family / Apartment Building (3 or more units) –
$200 /building plus $50/unit.
See additional factors above.

Apartment Buildings (more than 10 units) –
Please Call for Quote.


Free Bonus:

I am happy to check and rebalance the energy once a week for up to two months if there are issues that have not resolved AND you let us know what’s happening. This is especially true if the property is on the market for sale.