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Nov 1 on The Farkas Files… Joel Adams, Hell and Eternity – It’s all Greek to me

The Farkas Files, The Truth is In Here… Somewhere .


Joel Adams,

Hell and Eternity – It’s all Greek to me

Joel Adams

Continuing our series of conversations with authors who were personally challenged by the idea of eternal damnation and set out to research scripture to find it’s source. Joe Adams comes from a family of ministers but always had a problem with the idea of Hell.

Join us to find out what he learned in researching what became his book: Hell and Eternity – It’s all Greek to me

Joel Adams writes under the pen name Anthony Wayne which are in fact my middle names, his full name is  Joel Anthony Wayne Adams.

Born in a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada, near Halifax, both of his parents were ministers at various times in their lives and his oldest brother was also a pastor for some time.

It was just expected that he was to be a Christian too. Although he did consider himself one, by the time he was 20 and on his own, he had stopped attending church. If anyone  asked if he was a Christian, he would affirm that he was, but looking back now, he realized perhaps he had never truly been one.

www.AnthonyWayne.netIt was only when challenged by his then girlfriend about hell that he truly started to question that doctrine.

With a little research, he came across the term “Universalism.” Stunned by the fact that Universal Salvation actually had Biblical backing and no one ever told me about it, he read book after book on the subject and read the Bible differently. While the books gave him direction, none of them said quite what he felt the Bible was telling him. So he started writing what his own book which eventually was to be called “Hell and Eternity – It’s all Greek to me”.

He  still resides in Nova Scotia and is  currently studying for ordination as a minister under the Christian Universalist Association (CUA).


— Content Advisory —

Because we will be discussing an alternative understanding of Scripture, this discussion could be construed as  Heresy by some and Blasphemy by others.

Listener Discretion is Advised

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