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Oct 18 on The Farkas Files… Bishop Kristina RakeThe Science of Prayer & Healing

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Bishop Kristina Rake,

The Science of Prayer & Healing

Bishop Kristina RakeWhen people mention prayer or healing lots of folks glaze over sure it’s all airy fairy woo woo New Age stuff. But Quantum Physics give some very good ways to understand how focus and intention can change physical reality.

My guest this week is both a psychic and a wicked smart MENSA member who writes textbooks on both science and theology. This is a rare opportunity to discuss the intersection of the seemingly mystical realm of prayer and healing from a scientific perspective. I’m going to love this… I hope you will too!

Bishop Kristina Rake is a psychic-medium and paranormal investigator. She heads Lake Michigan Paranormal Research and Investigations, a team of experienced professionals, including cops and PhDs, digital imaging analysts, and experts in several fields, who have decades of experience in the paranormal.

She is also leader of the Charismatic Universalist Church, a socially liberal church with ancient traditions and roots that go back to the first century A.D. She will soon finish her Masters in Theology.

She is also an occasional political advisor for various candidates, writing their literature and speeches.All of that she does for love.

For money, she owns and runs her own consulting firm and works as an assessment expert writing standardized tests, like the SAT, ACT, and  personality and IQ tests. She also write textbooks, and scholarly articles on theology, science, and history.

She is a popular speaker on theological, scriptural, scientific, and paranormal topics, having won several awards for her lectures and speeches. She is the lucky wife of Mark Rake, with whom she has enjoyed 13 years of fun, and the honored mother of two children.


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