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Oct 25 on The Farkas Files… Julie Ferwerda’Raising Hell: Christianity’s Most Controversial Doctrine Put Under Fire’

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Julie Ferwerda,

Raising Hell: Christianity’s Most Controversial Doctrine Put Under Fire

Julie Ferwerda

People wonder what Hell is and who will wind up there? Maybe that’s the wrong question. My guest this week finds there is no scriptural evidence for eternal torment… or a lake of fire.

Part 2 of our series of conversations on this topic, author Julie Ferwerda has some enlightening answers.

She says…

Hell—it’s a hot topic these days in Christian circles and the media. But what’s the dilemma— isn’t the existence of hell impossible to debate based on existing, biblical evidence? And just who is going to hell—are babies, orphans, or those who have never had the chance to hear the gospel headed for eternal torture? Depends on who you ask!

There are two current doctrinal positions that make up almost 100% of Christian views on the matter of eternal destiny. One insists that God has only chosen so many people to be saved for all time, and the rest He made intentionally to damn forever. But is God really that mean that He would create billions of people merely for hell?

The other view insists that God wants and even wills for all people to be saved, but that the free will of people is stronger and more enduring than the love of God, regardless of the lack of opportunity, adverse life circumstances, and crippling baggage of multiple billions of people who have rejected (intentionally or by default) Christ over the centuries. But is God really that weakthat He is not able to overcome the human will, given enough time?

Raising HellThe truth is that if you dig just under the surface a bit, you won’t find any concrete scriptural evidence for hell—as in everlasting torment in the lake of fire.

Long time Bible teacher and author of several books, including Raising Hell: Christianity’s Most Controversial Doctrine Put Under Fire, Julie Ferwerda, argues for a more scriptural and hopeful alternative to the false tradition of hell that has been proliferated worldwide, primarily for the past two centuries. Using historical and Jewish perspectives, Scriptures, and reason, she makes a case for a compelling and viable alternative to these two diametrically opposed doctrines.

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Because we will be discussing an alternative understanding of Scripture, this discussion could be construed as  Heresy by some and Blasphemy by others.

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