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December 4, 2014 | People
Kristen    Maine
Dramatic Overnight Improvement

|  Kristen  |  Maine  | (Personal Details Withheld by Request) .


This is an email from Kristen, who accompanied Don, an amazing healer, on a trip to California to help people there. At some point during the trip he became sick, tired and withdrawn… and he emailed me asking for a clearings and I worked, remotely, on Don, Kristen and their host Wendy…


Thank you, SO MUCH, David!!! .

Don was doing infinitely better these last 24 hours — night & day change in him, literally! I attached a couple of pix, so you can personally see the difference.

Don Before

First picture shows Don at dinner last Sunday, January 30, 2011. FYI, that was the day I noticed the major shift in Don’s energy (physical appearance & interactions with others all dramatically changed).

The second picture was taken this morning, two days later, when I dropped Don off at San Francisco airport.

He said he was feeling *MUCH* better. Don said that he could feel it in his body when you started your clearing. Obviously, it is very powerful.

As for Wendy & I, we both feel better… but nothing as noticeable or extreme as Don experienced.

Don Two Days Later

In the last 24 hrs, Wendy has not had a single anxiety/panic attack. A nice change b/c she was getting some bad ones a couple nights ago.

My fatigue & brain fog has lifted somewhat the past day or so and I don’t feel nearly as drained as I did before.

Wendy (who is highly sensitive to energy & gifted at seeing auras) says that my energy has improved since the clearing. She says that I look “less ragged” and “less pitted” and that my energy is in a healthier & stronger state. Very nice. I do feel better.

Wendy & I both noticed a *HUGE* difference in Don. He want from ashen and very blue with his aura strangely dark and smaller than usual to back to his normal self — pink/flesh colored and radiating light and healing energy with his usually big aura and calming Self. As Wendy said last night, “Don is his singing Self again!” It was a relief.

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

Thank you, David, for helping us through this visit and making Don’s California trip as positive, healthy, and productive as it was. You’re a true miracle worker! You really helped save this CA trip and pull Don back into himself.

What a difference — your clearing definitely helped! Sincere Gratitude & Blessings from this Left Coast — Wendy & I thank you very much!  🙂