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December 9, 2015 | People
Fractured Foot Healed in a Week!

Bishop Kristina Rake,
Badly Broken Foot Healed in a Week!


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Bishop Kristina RakeI had a serious foot fracture of the bone that becomes the pinky toe. It was a serious  because, any further separation would have required a plate and two screws in my foot to prevent permanent limps and possible crippling.

But David worked on me remotely and, literally, my foot stopped hurting.
A week after David worked on me, I saw my podiatrist. She took an Xray, anticipating that, I’d be in my cast for at least another month. She said,”Well, I’m astonished. The fracture is gone.” It had healed completely!
Stay tuned. Kristina is getting digital images of the Xrays!