David Franklin Farkas, MSEd…

is a professional house healer and ghost rescuer.

He is a thought leader, independent (rogue) scholar and master practitioner in the area of remote clearing and healing of land, buildings, people, businesses and situations.

David likes the term Technician of the Sacred, a literal translation of the word shaman. Sacred means secret or hidden… that which cannot normally be seen.

David has over 35 years of experience, the last twelve years focused full time on remote healing as service for businesses and individuals especially problematic real estate. He provides clearing and metaphysical coaching for individuals.

A gifted intuitive and spiritual healer, he does remote energetic healing work clearing Real Estate, People,  Businesses, and Situations. He works on cases involving buildings, land, people, negotiations, legal matters, travel and situations of all kinds.

He is also a sought after humorous and controversial international speaker whose signature talk is titled  ‘Is Everything You Know About Ghosts Dead Wrong?’ David is featured in the book ‘Rising to the Top’ with other luminaries including Jim Rohn and Les Brown.

What I do

He has also been called a psychic, healer, shaman, exorcist, ghost buster, psychic toxic waste disposal technician, karma cleaner and quantum mechanic, (and some things that cannot be mentioned here) but his favorite thing to be called is Dad.

He also acts as a ghost rescuer or ‘psychopomp’ (leader of souls) in assisting lost souls to cross over to the Light.

Since David’s focus is clearing and healing non-beneficial elements he intentionally does not act as a ‘medium’ and does not download the story of what happened or the story of ghosts and others he meets.

Mystics and physicists tell us “everything is energy.” David can see the energy of buildings and land.

David can see and repair the energetic structure of buildings, clearing the emotional history of events that happened there. He can also see and mitigate issues in the land itself including underground water, ley lines and vortexes.

Over the past two and a half decades he has developed a proprietary method called Quantum Grid Restructuring which normalizes distortion in the energetic geometry of a buildings, clearing the human drama and trauma that caused these distortions.

This is analogous to reformatting a hard drive on a computer. The old stuff is gone and new information can now be added to the cleared space. He has also developed skills for rescuing ghosts and banishing meaner entities.


What I Am NOT

When people hear about my work they often think of what they see on television. I am not a paranormal investigator or ‘ghost hunter.’ I don’t go to spooky places and set up equipment to collect data. That has it’s value, if it is done in a respectful and safe manner.

I work remotely and can communicate with ghosts directly. My goal is not proving they existence, it is to help them complete their life and ‘go home.’ In effect, in that situation, the ghost is my client.

I am not a ‘ psychic medium.’ While I can and sometimes do talk to ghosts, it is for the purpose of helping them cross over not to help them communicate with the living.


Some History

Born in Brooklyn, NY David went to the prestigious Brooklyn Technical High School, then received Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Education from the City College of New York.

David worked in the New York City Public Schools and worked at a residential treatment center for troubled adolescents. He has worked a few times on locked psych units. His odd jobs were, really odd.

He apprenticed for three years with a psychic healer who had been trained by indigenous healers in the Philippines, and was mentored by a Cherokee medicine man. Now, most of his Spiritual and practical training comes directly from the Angelic realm during his work and meditations.

After several months doing medical missionary work in Haiti, David returned to the Northeast, United States and worked in the energy conservation field for ten years.

He performed over 1500 on-site inspections of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, designed retrofit strategies for each structure and supervised programs that mitigated the problems that were identified. He is intimately familiar with the real-world details of the physical structure and systems of buildings. (The irony of having had the job title ‘Energy Auditor’ is not lost on him.)

A bit of a Renaissance Man, he is still trying to live up to what was written about him in his Junior High School year book… ‘Jack-of-All-Trades, master of most.’

In a very basic sense, David has always liked to help people, fix things and make people laugh. It seems he is still doing that.


A new direction

Several years ago, David was in a training room watching a participant on stage when he saw a hole open in the etheric matrix of the ceiling allowing two dark beings to enter the space, something he had seen before. David had the Shamanic skills to confront these entities and get them to leave, but it seemed impossible to close the hole with his usual techniques.

David prayed for an answer and in that moment was shown the energetic geometry of the etheric matrix and was instructed in how to repair it. Since then, information about these grids and how to work with them has been coming daily.

Word spread about David’s ability to clear spaces and places, he was asked to clear two homes for a woman in Los Angeles. She asked him to also check out rental properties she was ready to purchase in Dallas and Detroit. He did these readings as an experiment and asked her to have them inspected by a home inspector to see how accurate he might be.

The inspector confirmed that David had provided accurate detail about each house including critical information about hidden structural damage, fire hazards, broken sewer lines, problem tenants and legal problems, which would not be obvious from a typical on site visual inspection.

These serendipitous events lead to the founding of HouseHealing.com, David’s consulting firm.


Lately, David describes his life as…
The Twilight Zone meets Harry Potter meets The Matrix meets Father Knows Best.

In spite of this rather unusual work and skill set, David is a well grounded and normal, albeit eccentric, guy.

He is a geek even about this increasingly strange work, looking for reasonable explanations, consistent patterns and the correlation of his experience and the latest breakthroughs in science.

He is happy to work with any scientist interested in studying these phenomena and the ability of humans to affect them. He is always happy to be discuss his experiences to inform scientific inquiry and his own work.

One physicist mused that David’s work may be in the realm of what pysicists calls ‘dark energy’ and ‘dark matter’… phenomena, the existence of which scientists derive from their obvious effects on other phenomena. They cannot, however, yet be directly measured with know technology. Scientists say that more than 96% of all energy and matter in the Universe are undetectable (therefor the term ‘dark’) by present technology.


The Mission of  HouseHealing.com
is to help the greatest number of people in the most profound way possible while having a great time and spreading joy, spiritual insight and abundance.

David’s work healing buildings has profound effects on everyone who lives, works or passes through each place that has been healed and is an integral part of this mission.

David is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church and HouseHealing.com is part of his ministry which includes work guided by Spirit clearing, blessing and protecting public buildings, sacred sites, and ‘trouble spots’ around the world and assisting people who are near death



In effect my clients are unseen and have no money. The land, buildings, historic dramas, ghosts and other normally unseen things that I clear and assist are no longer physical.

So, I find people who are having real world problems caused by these factors and they pay me. I solve problems in the ‘real’ world by making changes in what scientist studying these phenomena call ‘non-ordinary’ reality.

In the old days the tribal shaman was given a place to live and fed by the village. He or she was not expected to hunt or go to war. Their job was taking care of the people with their special skills and insight. A very demanding and highly respected  job.

It would be hard in a high tech global economy to have you barter with me for a chicken so that I can pay my rent. So I use PayPal and the Internet to help people all over the planet… a very large tribe?

But a lot of what I do daily is not paid for..

  • I clear every cemetery I drive past and every one I see on GoogleEarth when clearing properties.
  • I clear locations, events and situations and trouble spots that come to my attention in the News or online. In my meditations I am often told what needs to be done and how to find the details of the situation.
  • I am happy to work with most Police or Government agencies to help defuse troubled situations like hostage negotiations, riots, rescue operations and other situations in which you ‘wish you could’ change the way things are going or get information. If your department is open to this kind of assistance, please contact me to set up agreements (what I am willing to do,) departmental authorization and communication protocols so that we can work together effectively in an emergency.
  • I clear small children in need, free, as my gift to them for being here.
  • I am happy to clear returning war Veterans and victims of sexual, physical or ritual abuse. I am looking for professionals or agencies open to an experiment using my approach with these groups.
  • I am actively looking for someone with the interest and experience to create a charitable foundation that would offer my services to these groups and raise the money to make that possible.