It has become a popular strategy to Repurpose Historic Buildings like schools, mills and factories, psychiatric and convalescent hospitals. Each of these has it’s particular issues which make them difficult to develop and often hard to live in.


The Belchertown State School in Massachusetts was a facility for the developmentally disabled. Like the psychiatric hospitals of that era, it was a place where people lived out their lives, often in extremely difficult physical and emotional circumstances, and died and were buried on the property.

This particular property has gone through several iterations of development start up. All of which have crashed and burned. There are several such properties in Massachusetts and Connecticut. I have also watched Mill renovations that have gone through a similar cycle of development ending is strange financial issues or other fiascoes.

Historic Renovation

It is not uncommon for things to go haywire when an historic property is renovated. One perspective is that the unseen residents just want things to stay as they always were and their powerful emotions cause all manner of financial, technical and contractor problems.

If you are developing, renovating or living in an historic property it makes sense to have it cleared.

You bring in toxic waste specialists to mitigate asbestos, oil tanks and radon, this is just another form of more subtle toxicity.



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I am happy to check and rebalance the energy once a week for up to two months if there are issues that have not resolved AND you let us know what’s happening. This is especially true if the property is on the market for sale.