My insights are for your information only and are provided as is with no warranty of suitability for any particular purpose. No claim is made of any specific outcome in a specific situation involving an individual client or property.

Our services are not intended to replace or supersede normal home inspection services, or the advice of a professional engineer, business consultant, physician, psychologist, counselor or other licensed professional. In fact I always strongly urge that these professional services be used by all my clients to follow through on the insights provided. You are responsible for your choices.

Your Mileage May Vary

I provide a unique service and approach for difficult and often intractable circumstances. This is not unlike working with a doctor or mechanic. Sometimes things work perfectly the first try, other times we must unravel a mystery.

I urge my clients to give me feedback and frequently follow a situation for a month or more if need be. I do offer a money back guarantee returning one-half of my fee to any client who is dissatisfied with a specific application of this work. This has rarely been requested, and thus far, only when communication has broken down. My intention is to do everything within my capabilities to address the situation you bring to me.

Professional Driver on a Closed Course

David Franklin Farkas is an ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church and offers these services as Spiritual Healing and Counseling within his ministry. He draws on his apprenticeships and training, 30 years of experience and ongoing spiritual guidance.

This work is often emotionally and physically exhausting and sometimes dangerous. Do not try this at home boys and girls.




Your payment of our PayPal invoice, or any other form of payment, acts as your acknowledgment of our agreement and contract and acts in lieu of a signature.

Your payment compensates me for my consultation time and efforts spent focusing on your situation. I can not and do not make claims of specific result, however we work from the assumption that there will be similar outcomes to those resulting from my past work.

You are paying for two things… both my time and effort and the intended outcome. In this, as in all consulting relationships, I can guarantee my time and efforts applying unique expertise to your situation, but outcomes will vary.


When I work on real estate for sale, I will recheck the energy once a week for up to two months if the seller updates me every week on the progress of showing and selling the property.