How to Pay for Your Consulting Services

All services and appointments must be paid in advance in US Dollars.

For more about our services and charges please go to the SERVICES menu.

I use PayPal to accept secure payments by credit card or debit card over the Internet. You do not need to have or open a PayPal account. I will send  you a PayPal Invoice by email.

This is also part of my commitment to keep your personal identification information safe as mandated by state regulations. With this system I never receive or store your financial information on my computers.

This simple payment system minimizes my administrative overhead, leverages the speed and convenience of the Internet and lets me focus my time on providing services to you.

PayPal allows me to accept all major credit and debit cards, checks, and gold bullion. Chicken bullion, although obviously a liquid asset, is not accepted for payment at this time. (And, just kidding about the gold.)

If you prefer to send payment by regular mail…
consider sending a money order, which is deposited as cash at the bank. Otherwise, services may be delayed while I wait for the check to clear. My postal mailing address is on the CONTACT  page.


Receipt for Your Payment

You will receive a confirmation email from PayPal which will act as your receipt and as an agreement to perform the work. David will automatically be notified of your payment. If you need to send photos please follow the directions in the confirmation email.

For More Information About PayPal

PayPal was the financial service originally created byeBay. Now independent, it is a huge credit card processor specializing in Internet commerce. Their Security Statment is here.

Ask About Gift Certificates!

Give the gift of a personal or house clearing to friends, relatives and colleagues.