Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection

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For Investors and Prospective Buyers

Now you can have a major advantage is checking out properties you are considering. Get a pre-purchase inspection to find hidden problems.

Provides information about the physical structure and possible defects, land, utilities, water and maintenance plus tenants, neighbors, and legal issues, as well as historic and spiritual issues. I have on occasion uncovered hidden damage that would not have been visible in on-site inspection if the home inspector was not following my report notes.

We will NOT provide this service as a replacement for an on-site home inspection or the services of a structural engineer or architect. We urge you to use appropriate professional services as required by your situation. This is intended to provide a ‘punch list’ of things to look for which would otherwise go unnoticed and to find key issues about the situation.

An indispensable service when considering any property purchase. Especially important for investors who may never actually see the building they are purchasing.