Single Family and Two-family Homes and Apartments.
Owner occupied or rentals.

I work with people buying and selling property and with occupants / renters who want to improve their living space.

You would bring in toxic waste specialists to mitigate asbestos, oil tanks and radon, this is just another form of more subtle toxicity.


Residence UP TO 2,000 square feet
Minimum $350 /building + Plus additional factors

Residence OVER 2,000 square feet
$300 plus $100 per additional 1000 sq. ft. or fraction thereof.

Same as residential property, usually at minimum fee, unless over 2000 sq.ft.

If 3000 sq.ft…
Add $100 to Base Fee. ($200+$100=$300) + Plus any Additional Factors


Additional Factors:

A number of factors affect the time, risk, difficulty and value of these services and may affect the final quote. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • The age and history of the property
  • Acreage and outbuildings
  • Proximity to problem sites
  • Surface, man-made and underground water or water flows
  • Lifestyle of past or present owners or tenants
  • Amenities including location, and unusual interior or exterior details
  • Market price
  • Location (for example Manhattan, the Los Angeles area and Sedona AZ are each, for deferring reasons, more complex and difficult energies to work with.)
  • Unusual energetic features of the land
  • Historical dramas that are still affecting the present moment in the timeline
  • Large numbers of ghosts and particularly recalcitrant demons or other entities. (All in a days work here.)

Free Bonus:

I am happy to re-check a person or property once after the initial clearing if there are concerns.

I also check and rebalance the energy once a week for up to two months for properties that are on the market for sale, if there are issues that have not resolved AND you let us know what’s happening.