The same techniques that are used for clearing property and people can be applied to all kinds of difficult situations and events…


Any time people negotiate, mediate or litigate they bring all their baggage into the room. And, the room contains the dramas and struggle of all the previous negotiations that have occurred there. Similar to the package described for a Business Clearing, David can clear the room, and each of the participants including the parties themselves, their lawyers or advisers and the judge or mediator.

The situation also has it’s own energy pattern which can be cleared of preconceptions and drama. Our clients have reported surprising positive outcomes and that they felt more grounded and emotionally able to handle the situation.
In one corporate negotiation, for which I unfortunately don’t have a testimonial, one upper management participant was causing difficulty. At the next meeting, after the clearing, he introduced his replacement and stepped out of the situation leading to a positive outcome.

This same client asked David to help with a Human Resources issue involving a complex drama caused by the actions of a sub contractor.

Legal Matters

Court cases and other less formal proceeding can be very stressful and unpredictable. Again, that is partly because of the trauma held in the venue from all the past matters there. It is also because the participants are each carrying their toxic emotions about the situation.

As described above, clearing the room and all participants, plus the energy of the case itself has led to positive outcomes. Not only were the decisions usually favorable or at least pleasantly surprising, but my clients reported feeling much calmer and unstressed in a very tense situation.