Quarterly Clearing Package

Quarterly Clearing Package

When I started doing this work clients reported that the results of a house clearing remained relatively stable for six months or a year, sometimes more. This did vary somewhat with the location of the property, what was around it and what was happening to the people in the home, but we got results that ‘held.’

Planet Earth is going through huge spiritual changes. Among the most noticeable markers of these changes are climate and weather changes, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, wars, and political and religious upheaval. All of these are indications of the profound transformation we are going through.

As this has accelerated I have noticed that houses I have cleared are tending to shift. This is partly due to Earth changes, and partly due to the healing each of us is going through as part of these Earth changes. In other words as you change, heal and release old patterns you change the energy of your house.

Based on this observation and the feedback of clients I have started suggesting quarterly clearings. To make this work for everyone I now offer a discounted Quarterly Clearing program for existing clients.

Here is how it works

Since I have already done a clearing for you and you have experienced an intake interview and are familiar with our methods and terminology. Doing an additional clearing at the same property has much lower administrative requirements than an initial clearing. This reduces the time I need to set up and do the clearing and I can use a short summary report.

EXISTING CLIENTS can subscribe to a Quarterly Clearing Package to have their property cleared every every three months.

For your commitment to a series of 4 clearings – 25% discount! Off fee for original clearing

I will email a Subscription Invoice that will set up billing that will automatically charge you credit card every 3 months. The system reminds both of us that it’s time for the next clearing.


Go to the CONTACT page and send me an email with Quarterly Clearing Package Request in the Subject Line.

Please include your contact information and the amount you paid for your original clearing. I will email a PayPal Subscription Invoice for 4 Follow Up Clearings at a 25% Discount.

If Quarterly Clearings are not right for you I also offer Individual Follow Up Clearings 20% discount! Off fee for original clearing

Go to the CONTACT page and send me an email with Follow Up Clearing Request in the Subject Line.

Please include your contact information and the amount you paid for your original clearing. I will email a PayPal Invoice for your Follow Up Clearing at a 20% Discount. (For example a Follow Up Personal Clearing is $125)

Retainer and VIP Access Account

Having experienced my work, do you ever wish you could get some help from me on the spur of the moment? An intervention to clear the little things that happen?

Five (5)’Incidents’ (Must be used within 12 months.) – $650
Incidents are NOT full clearings, but interventions in a situation or a revisit to a previous situation. Some interventions may be charged as two incidents.
This pricing is lower than the fee we previously reserved only for our best corporate clients!

The wealthy always have a lawyer ‘on retainer,’ meaning they pay a fee to have them immediately available. Now you can have ME on retainer. That’s won’t replace a lawyer but might reduce the need for one.

The Quick Response Retainer /VIP Access program gives you a way to access me for all those situations.

These might include when: 

  • Someone is not feeling well
  • You are considering buying property
  • Travel issues arise or when you can’t sleep in your hotel room
  • You are planning a meeting or party in a public meeting room
  • Making complex arrangements
  • Disagreements

Now you can have access to me for help with life’s little problems. You pay once and can use my services up to seven times in the next year. (Certain interventions may incur a double Incident Fee.)

Incidents are not intended for full fledged personal, property or business clearings, although by participating in this program you will receive a substantial discount on any clearing you do require. (Larger discounts on property clearings are available through the Quarterly Clearing program.)

This program is only available to existing customers. You must be an existing client who has had a personal, property or business clearing. We can’t legally call this ‘insurance’ but it will certainly be another way that you prepare for life’s unexpected glitches and struggles.

What you get:

  • Five Incident interventions to be used within a one year period.(Note: Some situations may require two incident fees.)
  • VIP access with a dedicated Toll Free Voice Mail number and dedicated VIP Email procedure.
  • Issues will be addressed within 48 hours whenever possible.
  • The peace of mind that you can have me quickly clear things for you.


Got to the CONTACT page and send me an email with VIP Request in the Subject Line.

Please include your contact information. I will email an invoice for the $650 Retainer Fee.