People Clearing

People Clearing

Human beings are essentially an open energetic system interacting with everything they come in contact with physically, emotionally and spiritually. The effects of this can be beneficial or negative.

Think of these negative effects like viruses. When you are in a depleted state physically viruses and other tiny living organisms that would not have affected you when you are well can now make you sick. In much the same way things you have learned, ‘picked up,’ and that have been imposed on you have long term effects which can eventually become manifest as emotional or physical problems.

Modern medicine acknowledges that over 80% of disease is caused or affected by ’stress’ or emotional factors. Their interventions at that level are still limited.

Clearing these unseen but powerful factors from the ‘energy body’ improves the health of the ‘emotional body’ and physical body.

EVERY traditional indigenous culture around the world has a way of explaining this, a way of dealing with this, and individuals who dedicate their lives to helping their people with these issues. David provides this work in the modern world.



Personal Clearing
First Session $250
Follow-Up $150
(Retainer incidents may be used for follow-up sessions).