The 800 Pound Gorilla… Is This For Real?

My work may seem a bit ‘out there.’ All New Age, Airy Fairy nonsense. But, it’s not.

While some people ask for and appreciate discussion of Spiritual Healing, others will find it very strange and prefer a more scientific ways of talking about it.


Are You Skeptical?

It may be helpful to realize it really doesn’t matter if my or any explanation of this kind of work is satisfying. All attempts to describe non-ordinary experiences and realities fall short. The point is that this gets results.

But, even the explanations provided by science, which, of course, change as new data provided by new technology, challenges what was previously ‘known.’

Fifteen hundred years ago ‘everyone knew,’ empirically, that the Sun moved around the Earth. Five hundred years ago, ‘everyone knew’ the Earth was flat. On hundred years ago everyone knew that light was an electromagnetic wave and atoms where made up of solid particles.

As scientific knowledge grows our understanding changes. As new technology lets us measure things formerly unknowable, understanding changes. Remember science is really a very new kid on the block!


Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence ~ Sir Martin Rees

Somehow phenomena that have been consistently reported for millennia, across all cultures on this planet, have been outside mainstream scientific curiosity and investigation in the West.

They have however been extensively studied in the former Soviet Union for decades working from the pioneering work of Nichola Tesla. There scientists talk about ‘field phenomena’ which are neither physical nor electromagnetic and may give rise to those levels of reality. I was fortunate to see a discussion of this work at a conference in 2008.

The concepts of dark energy, dark matter and the zero point field are the beginning of an understanding that biochemical and physical phenomena are part of a subtle field. While science is just beginning to discover all this, indigenous healers have understood and used this field throughout recorded history.

Here in the United States highly regarded scientists are studying non-ordinary reality, expanded or extended sensory perceptions and the ability to affect physical reality using the mind and intention… often called psychokinesis or, when done remotely, telekinesis.

Since remote healing is a form of telekinesis, I have asked to be included in some of these studies and there is preliminary interest.


The Real Question

Please ask yourself whether this work might improve the quality of your life and the results in your business. Then consider whether you can suspend your dis-belief to find out?

If you are still reading you are curious and probably have an intractable problem you cannot solve with conventional approaches. Many people have been in the same situation and have been open minded enough to take a leap into something not easily explained. Now it’s your turn.

Listen to the recorded comments of real people who have experienced the outcomes of this work. Then decide whether you want to change your situation and call or email to set up an phone intake conversation.


By The Way

I was a skeptic! I often point out that I don’t ‘believe’ in this stuff. I have learned it’s reality from personal experiences, and tangible results, often to my own surprise and consternation.

I have a technical background and I am a geek about this work, looking for explanations, consistent patterns and scientific perspectives on ‘energy’ and ‘non-ordinary reality.’

Whenever possible I enjoy conversations with scientists who are open to a give and take between our perspectives and experience. I learn a lot and so do they.


Please Listen

Listen to the comments of my clients which provide what science would call anecdotal evidence of consistent outcomes.

That is the stage of knowledge at which theories are proposed and experiments, if possible with existing technology, are developed. I have theories based on my empirical observations.


Some of the methods I use have been extensively studied

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is similar to some of my techniques, has been used by US and Soviet intelligence and military agencies as, among other things, an espionage reconnaissance technique, since the 1970’s. It is reportedly more accurate than spy satellites.

Now declassified, many people are learning to use this method. While I am not trained in the remote viewing protocols, people observing my work describe it as remote viewing.

For example, while working with an Australian colleague I can accurately describe the property we are working on, even though I have never seen a picture or heard it described.

The Pre Purchase Inspection service offering is essentially remote viewing down to the level of mechanical systems. Clients report uncanny accuracy.

When working with individuals I frequently accurately identify the location and nature of their physical symptoms and even long held emotional issues and childhood traumas.

Distant or Remote Healing

Remote healing has been studied scientifically for decades.

On-going research by Dr. Norman Shealy and also at the Institute Of Noetic Sciences has confirmed that many practitioners can consistently affect the physical and emotional health of individuals, the growth of plants and the operation of equipment hundreds or thousands of miles away.

I recently contacted a scientist at IONS and inquired about being included in their next study of remote healing.


Dowsing is a method by which people without extended senses can do work similar to that done by psychics and remote viewers. It is used all over the world, in all cultures and is well noted throughout history, including references in the Bible.

A modern medical method of dowsing is called Applied Kinesiology, in which the strength or weakness of a muscle group is used to allow the body to respond to specific questions about medical conditions and treatments.

Having been invited to speak at Dowsing Conventions I have learned techniques from master dowsers that simplify data collection and expand the information from my intuitive gifts and let me develop numerical benchmarks for cross checking and rechecking these perceptions. (Yeah, told you I was geeky.)

Having these markers lets me cross check whether I have cleared everything I find and are useful when rechecking a property or person at another time.

You can find basic instructions for Dowsing at

Are You a Psychic or What?

At it’s most basic level ‘being psychic’ means having extended or expanded senses. In effect being able to tune into things outside the normal range of frequencies received by one or more of the senses.

Think of this like having a radio receiver. If all you have is an AM radio you think the only thing out there is nasty talk shows and country music… with static.

If you have an FM receiver you get a wide range of music in stereo. If you have a TV you see all sorts of things. If you have a Police scanner you can hear emergency workers and if you have a CB radio you can listen to truckers. With a cell phone you can make phone calls from almost anywhere.

You get the idea. It’s all various frequencies of electromagnetic data, coded in a specific way and received by a device tuned to the frequency and able to decode the data stream.

All of these frequencies and the information they carry were always there, but you could not hear them on your AM radio. Normal perception is like AM radio. It is short range, full of static and difficult to fine tune.

Being psychic is like having a broadband receiver. All babies and young children are broadband. I often say that there are not ‘imaginary playmates’ just adults who can’t see them any more.

Personally, I have several expanded senses or channels through which I can get data including sight (clairvoyance,) hearing (clairaudiance,) feeling things in my body (clairsentience) and ‘knowing’ (claircognizance) which is often called intuition. I usually refer to them as downloads.

After years of experimentation I have worked out how to interpret these downloads and more ways to tap into data through my subconscious mind.

You should study this

Academics often admonish that I should be providing citations of studies to ‘support’ my ‘claims.’. Religious scholars want scriptural reference.

As I write the books I have been asked to write I will do that research, but this site is intended to offer my services to those ready to be helped by them not be a debate or be a defense of thesis.

It is often a stimulating and enlightening exercise to field questions and be challenged by the opinions and knowledge of others. But, my focus is providing a service and that intellectual exercise is a distraction from helping people so I set limits on it.

I am reporting my opinions and understanding based on my experience and letting my clients report theirs. I can give you the context I use to understand what these experiences mean, but it is in this realm that science is just beginning to study, although other disciplines are informative.

I have been asked why I don’t have at least preliminary statistics on my results. Mostly because I don’t have the time, skills or interest to track it myself nor a budget to pay someone to do it now. And, have not yet found someone with the skills and interest to revisit all my client records to get the data. At some point I’d love to do that. Any volunteers or shall I outsource that to India?

For now… this is just about helping people. I’m happy to help you, if that’s right for you.

Yeah, but…

I hear ‘yeah but‘ a lot.

A wise man once said ‘you don’t know WHAT you don’t know and you can’t even know THAT you don’t know.’ Believe me I understand that frustration since I am frequently presented with things I did not know existed just a moment before.

I am in the odd position of being able to do this work at a level that even well know and experienced practitioners rarely, if ever, see. I don’t know why.

A good friend is in an ongoing training with healers from all over the world. In class he frequently mentions that ‘my friend David can do that’ (whatever ‘that’ is.) He gets bewildered looks and is often told ‘that is not possible.’

He likes to quote a NASA ‘rocket scientist’ who loved to say ‘If something has happened we have to seriously consider that it’s possible.’

So, it seems, I get skepticism from those who are unfamiliar with this work and from others who have their own experience and practice of it. Each of us gets a piece of a vastly complex and fascinating puzzle.

I do this work to help people. I hope I can help you too. Along the way, perhaps in my lifetime, we’ll have a scientific theory about this phenomenon. Meanwhile, I’ll do the work and contribute what I can to the inquiry.


All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
~ Arthur Schopenhauer